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Harold and Zetta Patton 
with Hartzett Paddy,  © Barry Dickinson, 1984

Harold and Zetta Patton
with Hartzett Paddy

These pages are dedicated to the memory of the late Harold F. Patton, his wife Zetta, and their magnificent Hackney Horse stallion Hartzett Paddy. Few people have touched our lives as wonderfully as this kind and humble couple. The credit for our own success must go to them.

It was surely God's hand that brought us together.

Brooklawn Farms at Mitchell, Ontario, Canada is the home to Bob and Marilyn French and our family Lori, Dave, Brad and Nancy.

Our Hackney Horse breeding program began in 1977 and has continuously grown in size and quality. With the help of the great Hackney Horse breeder, "the late" Harold F. Patton we now have one of the finest bands of Hackney Horse broodmares in North America today. Their bloodlines go back to the great stallions Hartzett Paddy, Dufferin Haven, Solitude, Warwick Footlight, Marden Toplight, Suddie Marksman, Suddie Sirius, Walton Searchlight and King of the Plain. The genetics of these great stallions ensures excellence for the future. Only Stallions possessing the greatest qualities and blood lines are chosen to breed to these mares.

The young stock is allowed to develop physically and mentally before intense training begins, giving them the confidence so required in carriage and show horses. Horses are trained in harness and under saddle. Light training begins at 2 years of age and increases with maturity. Riding begins at 3 or 4 years of age. All training techniques go back to the basics of Dressage.

Lori established her riding and training school on the farm in 1993. Giving lessons in Dressage and Hunt Seat she has found the Hackney and Hackney crosses to be so versatile whether it be with beginner or advanced riders.

We invite you to take a tour of our stable and visit with some of our favourite horses,


Bob and Marilyn French

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